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Amazin’ Science

July 12, 2011


From → Life!, Strip

  1. Gerry Black permalink

    Dear Prof Brainiac,

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond.
    I was most interested in your findings and very impressed by the speed in which you carried out your investigations in the area.
    If it’s ok with you ,I would be very happy to offer some other suggestions for
    improving our existence should anything else come to light.

  2. Hey Gerry!

    The ol’ Prof welcomes yer’ input (cough!), and wishes more young folks were curious about science!

    Look forward to hearing from ya’!


  3. Jo Black permalink

    This clearly shows that Gerry is a little bit moody on a Monday morining….. good investigations.. I look forward to what a ray of sunshine could do for Gerry on a Monday morning 🙂 FAB artwork. JO

  4. Hey Jo!
    Cheers muchly.
    Still workin’ on the ‘giddy’ gene!

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