Esther! It IS you!

Scanned and colored with GIMP. I’ve never really used Gimp before. Did this colour in around ten mins, and it took me a bit of diggin’ to find the functionality I’ve become accustomed to with Photoshop.

Was gettin’ to enjoy it by the time I was done.

I was also sprawled on my bed using my Wacom tablet on the quilt! I’m as professional as ever!





Another “recent” strip. I wrote this 4 pager on my commute from Glasgow to Edinburgh early one morning. Scrawled on a sheet of A4 folded in half.

It sat in the back of my daily book for ages ( I use card and pieces of story ideas on paper to mark my current day page – and also to stop markers and paints bleeding to the page behind – I’ll transfer the card and pages when I get new books – until they eventually fall to bits or I use them).

I dug it out one Sunday and sat down and drew the story in one sitting.

The inspiration is simply the feeling you get when you trudge of to work on a snowy morning and having to leave yer’ partner and a nice warm bed!

Breaking Bad

Intriguing US drama. Got me hooked. Ended up drawing Walt & Jesse this day!

Using the clapped out RV as a metaphor for Walt’s acceptance of death. Danny Trejo’s head on a tortoise – booby trapped! Jesse’s return home. Saul the lawyer. The afore mentioned ATM slaying! etc. etc.

I could go on about the highlights for ages!

Cheers to Tom at Plan B for putting me onto the series.