Angels in Heaven

I was asked what my wee avatar/ Gravatar was recently. Actually I was asked ” is it the Hulk?”.

Erm, no it feckin’ isn’t!

It was a drawing in my daily book that I’d done ages ago – whilst listening to Tom Waits’ Oprhans triple album. Looking forward to his new one now that I think about it.

Anyhoo here’s the full drawing…

The man who stood on lighthouses

My mate Andy (of Hank29 fame) made this lovely wee video a whiles back. I did this story in my daily book (I try to avoid doing strips in my daily book – but I still do it quite a bit). Bad Nulsh!

The story is actually an allegorical ditty I drew right after the death of my grandfather – and about ‘how people are remembered’. I don’t actually remember drawing it. The ‘other’ Andy from Hank29 did actually stand on top of the lighthouse in Skye

Andy’s animation and narration put me in mind of old BBC children’s programmes. We were told that a lady in Skye burst into tears when she saw it. Not sure how I feel about that!

“Death came to me in the valley of the worm.” Robert E. Howard

This is a section of a drawing I did in my daily book recently. I had just read Valley of the Worm by Robert E Howard – which is available to read online. The story was adapted as a comic strip many years ago – under the name Bloodstar. It’s considered by some as the first proper ‘Graphic Novel’ – but as I don’t have much time for that term, I’m not even gonna think about debating it!

This said – the Bloodstar strip had a big impression on me when I was a lad – Richard Corben is still to this day one of my favourite comic creators. I haven’t seen the strip in many years – been trying to track a copy down for a while.

Anyhoo – I got into a debate with my mate Dave as to how poo the new Conan movie would be. For the record I haven’t seen it yet, I did see one scene of Conan as a boy fighting barbarians and it was quite exciting – but any critiques I’ve heard are less than complimentary. I’ll need to see it for myself all the same.

The Dave debate prompted me to go re-read the short story Valley of the Worm – and I found myself doing a coupla’ drawings based on it. This one is about the weird hairy creature that jumps out of the abyss and plays unnerving music on make-shift pipes – music which beckons the ‘worm’ to follow him.

My scrappy drawing will be (I’m pretty sure anyway) a pale regurgitation of Mr. Corben’s great drawings. I’ll HAVE to get me a copy now!

Oh, and that’s Promarkers again – two tones of grey and a wee splodge of red for the eyes.