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“Death came to me in the valley of the worm.” Robert E. Howard

October 12, 2011

This is a section of a drawing I did in my daily book recently. I had just read Valley of the Worm by Robert E Howard – which is available to read online. The story was adapted as a comic strip many years ago – under the name Bloodstar. It’s considered by some as the first proper ‘Graphic Novel’ – but as I don’t have much time for that term, I’m not even gonna think about debating it!

This said – the Bloodstar strip had a big impression on me when I was a lad – Richard Corben is still to this day one of my favourite comic creators. I haven’t seen the strip in many years – been trying to track a copy down for a while.

Anyhoo – I got into a debate with my mate Dave as to how poo the new Conan movie would be. For the record I haven’t seen it yet, I did see one scene of Conan as a boy fighting barbarians and it was quite exciting – but any critiques I’ve heard are less than complimentary. I’ll need to see it for myself all the same.

The Dave debate prompted me to go re-read the short story Valley of the Worm – and I found myself doing a coupla’ drawings based on it. This one is about the weird hairy creature that jumps out of the abyss and plays unnerving music on make-shift pipes – music which beckons the ‘worm’ to follow him.

My scrappy drawing will be (I’m pretty sure anyway) a pale regurgitation of Mr. Corben’s great drawings. I’ll HAVE to get me a copy now!

Oh, and that’s Promarkers again – two tones of grey and a wee splodge of red for the eyes.


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