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Of Mice and Molz

January 21, 2012

As I mentioned in a previous post, the end of 2011 kinda’ got lost for me.

I have a backlog of pages from my daily book. This one I think was from November.

I’d been helping my daughter Molly with her homework and she got a wee bit teary when we were reading the part in Of Mice and Men where George caps Lennie. I forgot how heavy it was myself if I’m honest!


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  1. Ginger Elvis permalink

    Hey Nulsh,

    Any chance of you posting anymore real life nulsh stories and accompanying artwork?

    How about one featuring one of ur world famous nulshy nacho nites you rustle up for family Nulsh?

    Anyway, fair enjoyed Of Mice And Molz.


    • Ginger Elvis!

      Glad you liked Of Mice and Molz!

      Will definitley get more of that stuff on here!

      Keep checkin’ in!

      Cheers amigo!

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