This is an old strip – I found the original on a pile in my studio and thought I’d post it.

I’d class this under the banner of “Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre” – which was my working title for my next self publishing venture. The strips were all drawn on my lunch break at my day job – a lot of the stories would be devised/created on the bus or train into work – as drawing when stuff is moving is a pain in the arse – but loads were drawn on that lunch break.

This particular strip had no planning at all – except a vague childhood memory that popped into my head that day. I’d draw each page on two pieces of A4 – as A3 is a hassle to carry around. And if memory serves, I drew with an OHP pen that was lying around – no pencils or owt.

It lay in a folder for ages as Nulsh’s Lunctime Theatre has been sidelined for several years. A coupla’ years back I scanned it and did a 20 min colour job in Photoshop – which is what is posted here.

Lunchtime Theatre isn’t dead, I may revise the title, but not long after this I was working 12 hour days regularly and I put all my creative stuff on hold except my daily book – which has kept me goin. Daily book is a real treasure as, without realising, I stockpiled many many stories and ideas. Which now I am getting back on track.

Dangerous Ink

Before my mate Tom started running his rather splendid shop – Plan B books – he edited a great magazine called Dangerous Ink. Issues can be read online.

I did some drawings for the mag, and actually had a crack at interviewing – I got to interview the great Joe Matt. Who was really nice. You can read my effort in issue 4 on page 32.

Tom got a great wee note from R Crumb stating how much he enjoyed Dangerous Ink – and mentioned the Joe Matt interview specifically. Which cheered me up no end.

The image above is from Joe’s books and is an actual excerpt from the interview. Permisson from Drawn & Quarterly.

Bring out the Gimp!

This sketch was a test for using rough pencils and tones as ‘inks’.

But I’ve become so used to using Photoshop, I’d been getting stuck when using Gimp. However, I seem to be getting a handle on Gimp, and I’m really starting to enjoy using it. This image may not look like much, but the process has become very quick – which is why I use image editing sotware – so this was a bit of a good learning process for me.

I’ve been given some great advice and tuition from the wonderful Mick McMahon – and it’d taken me a while to actualise his instructions.

My scanner is out of action for a few days, but I’ll post more when it’s back in action.