This was going to be the day declared Alfonse.

The dawn would bring him his dreams and desires. And Valerie Pinkman.

He showered and dressed – and a made a breakfast he didn’t eat. Excitement levels rendered his appetite non-existent – he took two long slurps of weak coffee and strode out his front door to embrace the future.

Alfonse came to in the ambulance on the way to St. Pancrearse Hospital. Bewildered, he stared at the shaven headed paramedic who sympathetically smiled back. His badge stated his name was Dave.

“Took a tumble eh?” – Declared Dave.

Alfonse nodded. Then shook his head. Then did an odd combination of both.

“No worries fella…” Dave smiled “…you probably never knew what hit you.”

Alfonse was now aware his head was exploding with pain.

“You tripped up fella. Fell on your head. Your neighbour found you and called us. We’ll soon have you in the hospital. Looks like you have severe concussion, and you’ll probably be in overnight, possibly longer. My partner Val put clips in your head. Didn’t ya’ Val?!”

“What?” – a female voice carried through from the ambulance cab. Then the voice’s owner appeared. Resplendent in the same green uniform as Dave, she was a short stocky girl with black hair and eyes that could steal your very soul. “Hello Alfonse.” She said.

“Valerie.” Croaked Alfonse.

“How are you pet? You took a nasty fall. Lost a fair bit of blood too. Funny – I haven’t seen you since school. What are you up to these days?” – Valerie beamed as she spoke.

“I love you Valerie. I always have. I decided this morning that, no matter what, I was going to find you and tell you how I felt. I know it’s been ten years, but I also know you’ll understand, and want to be with ME?.” Alfonse spoke these words with a singular determination – he stared Valerie straight in those wonderful eyes, then muttered the word “Jeepers” – and then fell unconscious again.

“Woah! Val what’s the chances?! The dude sets out to track you down and hasn’t properly left the house but trips and falls and the woman who stitches his head together just happens to be you! That’s pretty romantic!” Dave cheerily rambled on as he ensured Alfonse didn’t choke on his tongue.

Valerie shoots Dave a narrow look – her eyes now look like they were more likely to steal your wallet than your soul – “Shut up Dave. He was a dick at school and I’m guessing he’s still a dick now. Let’s get him checked-in and in a ward before he regains consciousness. You need to leave off the Mills & Boons!”

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