Just found Little Musgrave

This was an old strip I stumbled upon last night. I’d more or less completed it in one sitting last year – only had about three pages to do. Then I put my folder in my old bag and it got lost. Now it’s found I will finish it and post it in the strips section.

The story is called “Once Heard (Little Musgrave)” – it came about as I was washing dishes with BBC Late Junction on the radio, and this song came on. A version of an old English folk tune by Martin Simpson – as it played I imagined a wee Nulsh story version. But I promised myself I couldn’t go back and re listen or research the story until AFTER I completed the strip.

So it’s all based on a story once heard – but hearing something once also has significance in the story too – clever huh? (cough!)

There were a couple of lines in the song that really sparked my images  – so when I do go back to listen to it I’ll be interested to see if my interpretation had anything to do with Mr. Simpson’s version of the song.

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