Barking Dog’s Bad Day

This is an old strip (2004!). Another one that I doodled on my lunch break one day. I’m pretty sure this would have been drawn with an OHP pen and on A4 copier paper I’d have swiped straight out the copier.

It’s not exactly my finest hour, but it has been the strip I’ve had the most feedback on – I know of more than one person who actually had it framed and stuck on their wall (one being a toilet wall!).

It was originally posted on my old website – and I think initally self published as a wee 4 page photocopy story – possibly included in my “Hen’s Teeth” collection.

I stumbled across this looking for something else.

The title “Barking Dog’s Bad Day” was actually due to be a story about a young Native American brave on an endurance trial who accidentally awakens (and¬†incurs the wrath of) a spiteful spirit! I might do that story one day too!


This is for Illustration Friday – the week’s theme being ‘Faded’.

I was gonna try and get all flash and have the colour from the jeans going into the bunny outfit OR have the red from her tongue stain the jeans – I’ll keep that if “Stain” ever comes up as the theme!

Anyhoo – hope you like it.

And a big thanks to all of you who came here from IF last week – I got loads of views!!!

Oh and by the way, this took 26 mins to scan and colour with Gimp.


Still Blinkin’ Inkin’

I’ve finished inking in the first page of The Killing Moon.

This is the first panel with all the scrappy stuff taken out and looking more like a proper Nulshy drawing.

I feel this has worked pretty well – as mentioned I’ve never done a strip 100% digitally before – and I’m trying to emulate my own style – simple line work and basic block tones. Seems to be mission accomplished style wise.

Now I got the rest of the pages to finish!!!



Inkin’ da’ wolf

I started ‘inking’ in the Killing Moon story last week, but haven’t had a chance to finish it off. I’m back on it next week.

This is the rough page from before – with my new inks partially started – all using Gimp. I’m enjoying using the package, but I probably need to mess around with the settings a bit more to emulate they way I like my pens to work. But I’m still pretty pleased with the progress.

The rough ‘pencils’ will be removed leaving spartan line work and grey tones. The speech ballooons etc. will all go – they are there to remind me to leave enough dead space in each panel where it’s required.

As ever, more to follow.





For Illustration Friday – kinda’ corny even by own standards. I’ve got two kernels and a kennel, and I nearly dressed the ‘doggy’ up in a colonel’s uniform.¬† Luckily I was rushed for time and spared ya!