Another Illustration Friday post. This time “Space” was the theme.

I was determined not to have space in the image – as in ‘outer space’, but it ended up in there regardless!

I wanted the image to be the space we all need – say an armchair to slump in and collect yer’ thoughts maybe with a glass of vino.

I kinda like how it turned out. All done in under half an hour!!! Fast even by my sloppy standards.

Gary Lucas

A drawing I did for the fantastically talented guitarist Gary Lucas.

Gary’s first solo album “Skeleton at the Feast” is still one of my favourite guitar albums – and a major inspiration on my own limited playing.

The skeleton playing the banjo in the drawing is a recurring character in drawings I’ve done for Gary – lifted from the album title, he’s appeared playing various guitars and the like – I’ll see if I can dig some of them out.

And there’s the wee mad rabbit suit lady again!


Another Illustration Friday theme.

My first ever Manga Studio drawing – albeit simple. Pens are pretty good so far – but I think it’s gonna take me a few attempts to get the settings as I like them – but impressed with the interface so far.

I coloured it in Gimp for quickness – as it was already taking me longer than I’d like. I try to do the IF illustrations in approx 1 hour, so I didn’t want to start learning Manga Studio’s colouring setup today.

Another day. Oh yes.

I like her wee grass & flower hat.


Another Illustration Friday post. I haven’t looked at any other posts yet – but I’m pretty sure there will several magpie inspired submissions.

The quote is from a song by Brian Eno – from Here Come the Warm Jets album.  The line “more fool me, bless my soul” has been running through my head for days – I got the album as a present last week.

Finished Inkin’!

Finished the last page of the Killing Moon story today.

My first ever 100% digitally drawn story. Really enjoyed doing it – and I’m gagging to do more this way, especially my own “wierd” stuff.

The panel above does look like it was drawn proper likes! And the whole thing was done in Gimp.

Gonna give Manga Studio a go next.

More to folllow.