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June 3, 2012

Another drawing for Illustration Friday.

Subject matter is a bit harsh I’m afraid – seems to be a lot of it about!

She ain’t goin’ nowhere!

  1. Wow, neat style, and so much energy! Really cool color choices and great characters. But man, “harsh” is putting it mildly.

  2. Yeah, I’ll not disagree with that Cindy!
    Thanks for yer’ comments.

    Someone said to me at a funeral recently “we spend the first forty years of our lives trying to kill ourselves, and the next forty trying to stay alive” – been running around in my head ever since.

    The older lady in this picture could be either an older relative OR the other ladies’ older self – I used the same shiny lipstick and hair to emphasise this – deliberately mis-applying the lipstick on the older lady.

    This picture is more about NOT being in a hurry to die – regardless of expectations.

  3. Nice work!
    Love the line work and colours and even the little word balloon looks cool.

    Oh man! now i’m going to have that saying stuck in my head… 😦

  4. Hey Theo! Muchos gracias!

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