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Nulsh at work @ipcomic

September 23, 2012

Spent all day in the studio today.

Getting back up to speed on  my strip for Ink + Paper.

Ten page story all pencilled and inked. Pencilled three pages today and inked seven. Ooh ra’!

I’m onto the colours next week .

On the drawing board is the spiral bound book where I have the original pages – and next to it is my daily book, open at the page for my character ‘Jake’ reference. The wee pages of notes strewn around are my ‘script’!

And on my trusty ol’ laptop is the first page of the story partially coloured in Gimp.

  1. pam permalink

    i love pictures like this that show the raw work. very very cool!
    i’ll have to do that someday soon..nice to see the progression 🙂

    • nulsh permalink

      Cheers for the comment Pam.
      Yeah. I like that stuff too!
      I always like a wee nosey of what people are working on.

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