Behold Frankencat!

Had a chance to practice drawing in Manga Studio. This was a really quick drawing based on the this week’s Illustration Friday theme.

I’m starting to get comfortable with the pen tool and adjusting it to my requirements.

I’m getting there!

Hospital drawing


As previously mentioned I drew some peculiar drawings when I was in hospital the other week. Here’s one.

I’d never had a general before and I would drift off to sleep without warning and then wake up – I had my drawing book with me so put pen to paper when I could.

I cannot for the life of me remember drawing this, even though it’s clearly mine. Odd.



Apologies! My first post in nearly a week!

I’ve been recovering from an operation, so haven’t been drawing too much (although what I did draw is kinda’ strange!). Getting back on track now though.

This is this week’s Illustration Friday theme – which I made by the skin of my teeth. I can’t remember the last week I missed, so was determined to get this posted today!