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Stark’s Choice

January 7, 2013


Stark sat back in his seat. It had been a long time since he’d had such a tantalising offer.

The situation prompted him to take stock of his emotional lot.

Long ago he detached himself from puny parentage – and with that he vowed he’d never be smeared with the weak and impotent will of his (or any other) lineage.

His life drove forward the minute he was able to stand up and take what he wanted. Almost no one refused him – and those who did were to be courted and manipulated until they too could refuse no longer.

As long as he could recall he could have his heart’s desire.

And yet here he sat. Confronted with a delicious propostion from what appeared to be an angel of all innocence.

A broad toothy smile erupted on his star marked face. He leaned forward, and in an almost timid voice he said…

“Eat the Crunchie first.”

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