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January 13, 2013


This is the first drawing in my current daily book.

The premise of the daily book is to have a completed drawing each and every day. I started doing them many years ago when I was struggling to find time for creative work.

It’s purpose is to drive creativity and a work ethic. It is NOT a sketchbook – I can doodle anywhere. The daily books pages must be as completely drawn  as possible. Paints, markers, and all other embellishment is optional.

One of the unforeseen advantages of keeping this daily book is that I have stockpiled years and years of ideas. Stories, image concepts, all sorts of things that would be lost forever if they were not jotted down.

The wee box with a date on is exactly that: the date of that drawing. I normally remove these when I post daily book drawings on this blog.

I created a wee symbol key too. If my daily drawing was done after the due date I put in an asterisk or if I jot something down early I use a crescent moon. I’ve no idea when or why I started doing this.

Anyhoo – my daily book is a significant part of my life. Funny how a hardback A5 book could be as such.


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