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August 13, 2013



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  1. What is going on here? You have wonderful artwork on this blog, and you have been posting fun things for a long time. So why is the lone Elephant liking this? Would it be okay if I re-blog one of your posts? I like this and many of your other posts – let’s go ahead and make some other people happy!

  2. Reblogged this on Elephant's Picture Book and commented:
    Plus, I love this!!

  3. Elephant! You are a star!

    Thanks for the reblogs amigo!

    • No, you are the star! A great big star! There you go! Lots of lovely people who are kind enough to follow my blog have now looked at your blog! Liking you is the pleasure of all these creative people – they are a wonderful group! They make me happy every day and I am sure they will also make you happy!
      My Best,

      PS Please keep me posted as to how it all works out! Lovely, lovely!

  4. They are lovely people indeed! Almost immediately I had a spike in views – and loads of likes other than from my usual loyal crew.

    Thanks again Elephant.

    • They are a great group of followers – much to enjoy about their blogs too! Thank you for letting me know the results (for some reason I didn’t see this comment until I came back to this post – glad I did – I was wondering how it turned out.) I got a very nice thank you from a new big fan of yours!

      All this has made me happy!
      Have fun,

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