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At the Mountains of Madness

January 13, 2014

Some sketches I did after reading  the HP Lovecraft story.




The search ends in horror! A nice little story – I actually read it as a boy. Was funny to read it again after so many years.

For the record this is my second discussion on penguins today! Life eh?

Also – in my depiction of the ‘Old Ones’ I’ve given them legs – as I could have sworn Lovecraft described them as having legs. But later in the story they are described as moving with their tentacles. (He loves tentacles!). So er, mine have legs.

Please note the emphasis on the word ‘sketch’. Recently I’ve decided to ease up on the restrictions of my Daily Book – so I am starting to use it like a sketchbook too. It’ll all be beer & skittles from here on in.

  1. Tony permalink

    Cool buddy – any chance of a Nulshy imagining of “the haunter of the dark” mate?

    • Hey there amigo! Another story I haven’t read in a long time. It’s not in the collection I am currently reading, I’ll go see if I have it somewhere.

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