Sketching on my phone

I’ve never been one for sketchbooks. I love drawing – but through the years I have tried to avoid “sketching” – thinking (rightly or wrongly) that it can inhibit spontaneity.

This last year as I have taken on a new role in a business start-up, which is rewarding but my regular drawing has been really impacted. Hence the lack of posts on the old blog dudes!

So i draw whenever I can these days. Started messing about on my phone on train journeys. I used to like doodling on my old Nokia 5800 years ago. But this last 5 years or so my phones have really increased in functionality etc. – but have gone in favour of “swipe friendly” screens – that didn’t have the precision of the 5800 screen. So I gave up using my phone for drawing – but then I discoved the fibre-tipped stylus! Way better than the rubber tipped ones.

I find myself just sketching away to my heart’s content.

It’s not truly accurate – but it can have some great results. Here are some screengrabs – using a Nokia Lumia 830 and a Bamboo Stylus Solo 3 – the drawing package is Chalkboard – which has really¬†good lines.

scribbles scribbles3 scribbles2


Thing is – because of the “clunkiness” it’s actually giving me a fresh slant on drawing – and when I go back to pen on paper it’s a blast! Toggling between the two has been great these last few months.

I love sketching now.
I was given a Windows tablet for my birthday and I’ve started drawing on that too – will post some results shortly.