Just chattin’.

Some ‘proper’ drawing – with pens and paper n’ that.

Richard Corben is 75!


Happy Birthday Richard!

Mr. Corben is a huge inspiration to me. I first saw his work (I didn’t realise he did the famous Bat out of Hell cover that I’d seen many times) when I was 12 on my trips to The Science Fiction Bookshop in Edinburgh.

I picked up a copy of Heavy Metal comic and Corben’s work jumped out the page at me. I quickly started trying to grab as much of his work as possible. Eating up the amazingly realised worlds and his singular vision – and damn he can draw! I think the main thing that gets me from Corben’s work is how alive everything is.

Oddly though, for all the fantastical work I enjoyed, my favourite Corben work is the Underground stuff. Some really life affirming subversion in there – and those amazing wee sci-fi and horror shockers are amazing.

I wanted to do a post on Corben – but didn’t have pen or paper to hand, so these wee Corben inspired doodles were done on my phone on the train home.

Here’s one of my 12 year old self being blown away!