21st August update, last week’s drawings. Drawing on mobile phone and games console.




Last week was busy working on a couple of strips which I am hoping to post samples of soon. They are taking longer than expected.

First up is a mock up header for one of my illustration sites. It uses two characters from the final image which is a from my sketchbook. Quite often I use a random word generator that gives me 6 random words, I then do immediate thumbnail drawings based on each of the words. It’s a good warm up exercise, and it stops all that fannying about when yer’ confronted with a blank page!

The next drawing is Seth the Poisoner which was drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – I still love how nice it is to draw on this device. I can rough out illustrations, ideas, and strips on the go with it.

The next one is the black and white drawing I did on the Nintendo Switch. I miss the WiiU for drawing, but it’s still great to doodle on the Switch and I love to watch all the amazing ideas and artwork that the Splatoon crowd produce. One of the great things about Nintendo is their encouragement of creativity.  The face is Goggsie, a character from one of the strips I am working on.

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