Update on last week’s activity! Balaclava frenzy!


Had a busy week last week! Here’s some examples of what I was up to.

First up is a sketchbook page with our very own Coffee Bun enjoying an espresso – with Goggsy looking on in the background. I have so many story threads with these chaps – and now the waitress is getting in on it too.

It’s odd that random doodles can grow arms and legs and become so much more. The lesson there is DRAW ALL THE TIME!!! Doesn’t need to be masterpieces, just get the thoughts out yer’ head and on the page.

The second drawing is a panel from a ten page strip I just finished with Coffee Bun again! I haven’t done any strips for a few months and was a great feeling to complete it. Can’t wait to do more.

As ever, I used Gimp to colour my original ink pages – had to keep myself on track with a spreadsheet!

Last drawing is another exercise in Gimp from a sketchbook page. Thinking about using the technique for my next strip. This gent in the balaclava is one of two henchmen who first appeared in my story Witherton Smyte around 20 years ago!

See you next week!

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