Weekly update! Wot you been up to Nulshy boy?




A damn good question. To be honest I am still trying to keep my activity up. I started two new strips, but both are just at the rough page stage – will look to post updates on those for next week.

The first of the drawings above is a sketchbook page, the main thing here is that I pinched Chris Baldie’s  speech balloons. I really like how he does them. Wishing I had done something similar years ago. I don’t close my balloon tails and I have had more than one editor/ colourist complain to me about it! I am just that used to doing it that way.

The second image here is an excerpt from a bunch of illustrations I have put together. They are a bit rude so I had to be selective as to what I was posting. I’ll get a clip round the ear from my mum!

Last image is the usual sketchbook malarkey – 100% spontaneous drawing with absolutely no thought. But I quite like the way it looks. I had planned to write a word on the wee critter but my phone went and totally forgot to add it. I am pretty sure is was a rude word.

It was a rude week.

Sorry mum!


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