Weekly update: Random nonsense and brushes!




Hey there!

So last week I was working on two strips, and some basic illustrations (sold two! woot woot!)

The first example here is my usual spontaneous drawing in my daily book – just start with a line and see where it goes. Added a splosh of colour is Gimp as ever. I have spent years trying to reduce my linework to as simple as possible. My 12 year old self  may not have approved of shedding all that stippling!!!

Second up is some doodling I was doing in Clip Studio Paint. The package had a recent update and I think the brushes were rearranged. As a result I stumbled across a few brushes I hadn’t used before and they are great! I mostly draw traditionally but this is a great software package for a natural drawing feel.

Last up is another daily book page. An exercise I do occasionally is to go to an online random word generator and grab 6 random words, I then do spontaneous drawings based on each word. These were (in order): animal, entrance, crafty, sweet, horror, and justice. Happy as Larry!

Cheers for stoppin’ by! See you next week!

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