Nulshy update: MonuMENTAL dreams.


Hey there you crazy kids!

So when I was looking through last weeks activities I had several drawings based on dreams that included monuments / statues.

I dream a lot and my daily books are full of what I can recall. When I flick through old books I find it quite bizarre what I have drawn. I can have whole formed stories, I can even recall names and dialogue.

The examples here are a totem pole. It had big scratch marks on the base – like some large animal used it as a scratching post. I added Goggsy and Coffee Bun when I did the drawing. They weren’t in the dream.

Second one was one of those lucky cats (Maneko-neko). In the dream large monumental cats were dotted around this desert landscape – all had three eyes and were ‘throat’ singing.

I also had a dream about a vegan cheese burger that I never got to taste coz my alarm went off.

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