Weekly update: Smoke ’em if ya’ got ’em!


Hello! So I am not in a position to post any of the strips I mentioned earlier. May be a month or two.

On the plus side I am starting new strips this week. Check back when you can.

So to slake yer’ thirst for all things Nulsh here are some drawings from last week.

First up is a strange cat (literally!). Saw him in a dream, the tie was a recollection from my wee mum being appalled at a bloke with naked ladies on his tie when I was a boy.

Middle is an excerpt from an illustration with the ink layer hidden. I likes it!

Last is a sketchbook doodle of a bloke smoking. Rock ‘n’ roll!!!Oddly I drew a few drawings with those old devil hood type things. Not entirely sure what set that off!

See ya’ next week.

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