Weekly update: The dreams of a burrito fiend.



Bonjour cheeky chops! How are ya’!

Here’s some wee snippets from last week.

First up is a panel from a strip I did, titled: Best Bib and Tucker. It was really spontaneous (after deliberating where to go for a few days!) I am hoping to expand upon it. For the record, I do love burritos.

Second is a drawing book page featuring Bunny Headlit. A character I messed around with years ago. The chap looking on from the tree is Mr Thowl – who was used originally for a poster for the brilliant Lach when he had his Anti Hoot in Edinburgh. “Hoot” was the springboard for Mr Thowl’s owl bits! Now then, the bearded chap in middle! I cannot remember what I named him!!! It will be in one of my daily books, I’ll need to go back and check.

Last is an excerpt from one of my daily drawing books – which, to be honest, was just filling a space at the bottom of the page. Yet I like how it looks. Simple. That’s me!

Until next week amigo!

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