Weekly update: Bongo Kong gets his hair dyed!


Hello kiddies!

Here is some gubbins from last week.

Bongo Kong was an illustration I did for a Spotify Playlist based on a track of the same name by Nectarine No.9 – a band I am quite fond of. The image popped into my head on a train journey as I was listening with da’ headphones. I am quite pleased how like the mental image the actual drawing was. The original illustration had Bongo Kong with orange hair – which for some reason I changed to red here.

Also, I think technically BONGOS are two drums – I got one, but it does say bongo (singular) so I maybe correct!

Next two are the some drawing book pages from the week.

The wee guy with wings on his head is a character from the story Witherton Smyte I did twenty years ago! And recently I have started a new story including those old characters. Will post more as I progress.

Last we have a lady carrying what appears to be an injured wee critter – this would have been completely spontaneous drawing around 630am – I can barely recall drawing some of these!

See you next week amigo!

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