Weekly update: Float away with an abbreviated rudeness.



I am late this week! Shocker!

Gonna be quick!

These examples are all from the daily drawing book:

First I had called “time to go” which was the usual spontaneous drawing straight to ink. Looking at it now I realise it was inspired by “A Drifting Life” by the wonderful Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Which is a wonderous memoir from a fantastic comic creator and describes the world he grew up in – post WW2 Japan. If you create comics I can’t recommend that book enough.

Second we have Bunny Headlit flipping the bird. He does that. Bunny started out as a name I made up and quite liked, his appearance has changed quite a bit. And although he started out as a main character he has taken a back seat to several others who populate the story I created surrounding him.

Last was another spontaneous drawing – and I wanted to add a word. So I asked Alexa for a random word. She reliably informed me that ‘abbreviate‘ was a random word. Cheers Alexa!

I love doing the quick Gimp colours of the sketchbook page. I can do them in around 15 mins, sometimes quicker. Limit myself to one colour and have a grey ‘tone’ layer (with usually 50% opacity) above it and see what I can do with it. I might post the process I use – could possibly help yer’ insomnia!

Until next week comrades!

Nulshy boy

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