Weekly update: The rise and fall of Mr. Merriell Sparx.

Hey folks! Late again this week!

Some stuff from last week then.

Random drawing that I quite liked – I just sat down with a pen and a blank page and drew this. Quite often I don’t really get subconscious stuff until I’ve looked at the drawing a few times. Some times I never know what it is about!

The second drawing was inspired after I’d just read an article on a skeleton found in Prague Castle. Apparently it had been used as an Aryan symbol by the Nazis after they invaded, and subsequently used for propaganda by the Communists after they rolled on in. I like how no one actually knows for sure who it was or their origin.

Last is Mr. Sparx. A character I have been trying to fit into my Bunny Headlit story for a while. Took me a while to get happy with him. Especially his leather hood protrusions. I had been messing around on my trusty Telecaster when I realised that the guitar jack plug would be an ideal solution! Serendipity dudes! Serendipity!

When I put these three drawings together I was aware of their autumnal colours! Sweeeeet!

Catch y’all next week!

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