Weekly update: Dreaming of zipper fiends and phantom pains.

Hey kiddie winkles! How are ya’?

So in a slight change this week I have set the post to appear on Saturday as I will be in Leeds for the weekend.

These three drawings are all from the drawing book, and are all based on dreams. And I’ve just noticed they are all blue-ish!

First up this rabbit like robot was running around a jungle – it actually had a gun and was shooting people. But I had drawn it early in the morning and some of the dream came back to me after the drawing.

Second was weird. I dreamt I had really bad pains in my stomach, and I woke up with them. But I don’t know if I did have pains or I dreamt them. I was fine when I eventually got up proper.

Last was a guy wearing a balaclava with zips for eyes and mouth. I recall the mouth zipper looked like it had loads of tiny wee teeth.

No more roasted cheese suppers for this guy!

Next week amigos! Next week!


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