Weekly update: Cold rain warm head blues.

How are ya’?

Usual “sketchbook” gubbins this week, except there is a phone doodle.

I call my drawing book a “sketchbook” but don’t really have a sketchbook as such.

My daily drawing book is mostly a minimum of a complete drawing per day in ink. No preliminary pencils etc. I do occasionally sketch things out on random paper but most of my sketching these days is done on my mobile phone.

I got a Samsung Galaxy Note at the start of the year and absolutely love the s-pen. Having a means to get precisely ideas down and rough out layouts on the go is fantastic.

Last night my train home was delayed and it was pouring with cold rain. So I went to a nearby pub and grabbed a beer. Must have done twenty or so wee random drawings on the phone sat in a warm corner. Might have had more than one beer too!

The first image here is one of those – a wee demon type chap. I did a quick tone/ colour in Gimp for this one.

Next two images are standard Nulshy fare straight from the pages of the DRAWING book! Both based on dream imagery: starry cat-men, water pistols, stomping on sea creatures… you know, the usual!

See you next week cheeky chops!

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