Weekly update: A failed experiment in global domination.

failed experimebt

Well hello there! Hope yer’ well.

So last week I decided to call it a day on my Instagram and Twitter onslaught.

I had been posting on both platforms as much as possible to see if this constant activity (daily for several months) would generate increased interest in all things Nulsh.

I’d had an Instagram account for a while which I had barely posted. A good friend of mine who is all over social networking advised me that Instagram was THE platform to get noticed on.

So I took onboard this advice (and some other wee pointers) to see if I could gain some notice. I played with hashtags and the like (even throwing in things like “#cats” to see if this would benefit me!) and other wee tips to assist me.

Unfortunately I saw no benefit whatsoever (for myself I’d like to stress) on Instagram. In fact likes and views seemed to dwindle as time went on. Instagram still seems to me like a social networking thing – i.e. personal stuff.

I got way more traction on Twitter (best part of 10k views on one post). But it did seem to be less reward than I had expected.

I am not giving up on posting all together, but will need to focus on other areas for now.

Like you lucky folks!

“Every day is a school day!” etc.

See ya’ next week!


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