Weekly update: A book ends.


Hope yer’ well.

The last week has been up and down and not entirely conducive with creative world domination. “The struggle continues” etc.

Another “Daily Book” bites the dust! A big thing for yours truly. So the current books cover roughly six months of daily ideas, dreams, rambling, and nonsense. Approx 200 pages of drawings.

The books started off as a discipline to keep me on track and have become an invaluable aspect of my creative activity.

New book = happy days! Need to break out a new drawing pen too! Double whammy.

The drawings above are from recent weeks in the newly finished book – one of them being a common occurrence of berating myself for missing any days. I always try to make up any missing days, but for some reason I feel it’s important to use the REAL date any drawings were done.

I occasionally omit any personal notes from these pages when I post them. There were one or two tragic events over this time that I jotted down at the time – and took them out before posting them here. Didn’t realise how many notes I had actually made until I went back through them.

The Hank & Crystal drawing was the start of one of the stories I mentioned last week. More to follow.

See you then!




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