Weekly update: New Book Blues


I started a new drawing book – one of my favourite things.

Except this one has a few issues. Mainly the paper quality. I normally get a bit of bleed through, but this is mental. An image can totally obscure the drawing on the reverse.

Today was my first chance to scan from the book. And the page quality does seem to improve – and once scanned the bleed through isn’t that bad as I get through more pages.

The right image above (“A new book”) was on the inside fly page – normally quite thick – under the dude’s chin you can see bleed through from the previous image.

I started drawing with a thinner nib pen, but that was shit. I like my thick line – Staedtler Pigment Liner 1.2 nib! Ooh rah!!!

Anyhoo – not the biggest world issue currently, I shall persevere like the trooper I am!

Until next week amigos!


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