Weekly update: Distractions in the third dimension.

Well hello there!

As ever, the images above are examples of recent drawing book pages. I am actually getting a backlog of these now, so may have to skip loads of masterpieces on this blog. Damn shame!

Oddly this week, I hit some distraction in the form of 3D modelling. I used to do some of this years ago, but got a bit fed up as I felt I was becoming more ‘technician’ than ‘creator’.

These images below were done using free software called Sculptris (I am sure I have mentioned it before). So easy to use! I was actually on hold with my bank when I opened it up and started making wee characters (using a standard mouse). Loads of fun! I was getting all fantasy ass too, demons and the like. Not my usual thing.

But I may need to ration my 3D time going forward!

See ya’ next week!


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