Weekly update: Batman and the iron teeth.


As ever, above are some recent pages from the daily book. Oooh! I can see a line in there – edge of the page or whatnot. Ooops!

And below we have an illustration I did this morning – 100% completed in Clip Studio Paint. I rarely do the whole shebang digitally, but this was a worthwhile exercise as I am starting a new ongoing strip which I am hoping to do completely digitally.

The image is of the Gorbals Vampire – based on a theory of the source of the incident in Glasgow where armies of kids massed to the Southern Necropolis in the city as there was rumoured to be a giant vampire with steel teeth!

Caused a bit of a stooshie back in the day.

This all came into my head as there is a new Batman movie being filmed in Glasgow currently – using the OTHER Necropolis as a backdrop. Me an ma’ muckers got chatting about all things Necropolis related.

Was quite chuffed how well Clip Studio Paint worked out – and how quickly I was able to get the illustration completed.

Awra’ best.


jenny with steel teeth (gorbals vampire) small

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