Weekly update: Stealthy stencils!

Ey up! How are ya’?

Starting off is the usual examples of pages from my drawing book – I trust you’ll notice the splendid lettering? I found some stencils and have been using them with abandon. I will get fed up – but it’s fun for now, even when I make ridiculous spelling mistakes!

The main thing for me this week has been storyboarding and creating the basis for a short animation project. I’ll need to keep that stuff under wraps for now, but as I am doing this project 100% digitally I have had to get totally comfortable with the drawing software.

Which has actually gone quite well. I like using drawing software, but never get the ‘feel’ that I get from traditional drawing. So I have tinkered with all sorts of things – but recently I have been finding my feet with Clip Studio Paint, which has an excellent interface and good drawing tools.

Last week’s warm up illustration (Gorbals Vampire) was kind of the start of it, but even with warm up drawings (like the one below) this week I am able to produce decent images really quickly. Which is totes handy for storyboards.

Until next week amigos!


Stealth Flight (warm up clipstudio)

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