Weekly update: What’s in a name? Asked the Portuguese Man O’ War.

‘Greetings traveller!’

Hope yer’ well.

So with isolation and other happenings things have been slow this week. However, I had more time to focus on creating my malarkey.

As ever, there are some recent pages from the ol’ drawing book above. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice my ‘typo’ on the first drawing – should ready ‘almost light’ – but as I am prone to do, I lost concentration when doing the lettering. I could’ve fixed it in Gimp etc. but mistakes are great!

Also noticed I had a few pages on the bounce where I was using peoples’ names. The ‘John’ above is clearly inspired by John Fahey (a huge inspiration for me) and the lady? Well the name Lydia to popped into my head at the time. Go figure!

I am still ploughing away through my new strip. Attempting to create a platform for random spontaneity that is easy to produce and flexible.

One of the things that happens when I do my warm up drawings is that new characters begin to form subconsciously – recently this chap with a zig zag mono brow has become more frequent (below is a random doodle on my mobile phone of him while I was waiting for call the other day). Looking to work him into my new strip if I can.

See ya’ next week buddy!



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