Weekly update: Liar! Liar! Monobriar!

I made up the word ‘monobriar’. Just fer’ rhyming’s sake.

Hello again! Hope you are well!

At the time of typing we are still in the midst of the global virus, with most people staying home and/ or avoiding contact.

I’d normally be doing my weekly update from an empty house on a Saturday morning before heading into my studio – haven’t been there for a few weeks! But we are all in lockdown together. Strange days. I am just glad everyone is well.

My missus set me up a working space in a spare room and it’s been a godsend.

Usual examples from drawing book are above. Including the Monobrow character who has become part of my wee world – he totally snuck in on me! I also seem to have fully adopted the lettering stencil thingy!

Been at few other things this week, below is a warm up doodle I did in ClipStudioPaint – a wee nod to the wonderful WFMU radio in New Jersey, catch them online. You’ll find excellent company there. Due to the COVID19 situation they are still running operations, but with a ‘skeleton crew’ – hence my appreciative doodle.

Keep safe. See you next week!


wfmu skeleton

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