Weekly update: Salute the buzzin squid!



Hope yer’ well. Tough times huh!

Being stuck in the house isn’t a huge issue for me as I have worked from home for many years – and also drawing is pretty much shut in a room doodlin’. I am conscious I sometimes get too carried away and ignore my family – so make a point of wandering around the troops to ensure I ain’t pissin’ anybody off!

Yer’ usual drawing book examples from this week are above. The squid ones was a punchline to a joke I heard when I was a kid! The others are yer’ usual Nulshy nonsense!

This week I have been also concentrating on some music projects and some storyboards.

Examples of storyboards below. These are for an animated series I am looking to pitch – starting out with a short trailer to illustrate how the series might look. I’ll post more from other projects in the coming weeks.

Keep safe!



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