Weekly Update: The fear of no beer, and eating a spanner.

Hello again amigos!

How was your week? Strange days yes? Just hope you and yours are doing OK.

I had another week in lockdown – but still getting creative work done. Which I thought would be easier than non-lockdown, but I was wrong dammit!

Recent drawing book pages above – and I hope you appreciate all the thought that went into me using the same two colours on these. Surely my design award is in the post!

So these maybe subconscious or coincidence but themes are:

  1. Fear of no beer
  2. Getting annoyed at those in close proximity
  3. Eating (or being eaten!)

Totes think I am onto something there.

There were more storyboards this week too, and I am now moving back on to those stories I mentioned before. Hopefully have some of that to show you next week.

As ever, keep safe!

Bye fer’ now.


bongo kong animated2

And as a bonus here’s a wee animated GIF as I needed the practice in GIMP. Bongo Kong smokin’ a tab!


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