Weekly update: Wake thee oh my Mother Bee!

Hello there!

How goes it?

The strange days keep coming! Hang in there folks!

Here’s yer’ usual drawing book pages – I am actually still posting drawings from March I think, I am really filling this current book. Each and every day I sit and do a spontaneous drawing.

Two of these are exactly that, but looking at the ‘dream or reality‘ one I knew that came from a weird disturbed sleep I had the other week – kept hearing a helicopter or a buzzing in my room. When I got up to check I could see anything.

In the morning we discovered a huge bee. Which is safe to assume was the culprit. But I couldn’t distinguish between my dream or what the ‘real’ noise was.

The bee was OK, but sluggish, as it was cold. We gave her some sugar water in the morning and she was up and away in no time after that.

Other activities this week were:

  • More storyboards.
  • More strips – one of which may be getting published in an anthology – will post more deetz as I have them.
  • More animated gifs! Like this fella…


Keep safe mi amigos!

See y’all next week!




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