Weekly update: Ascend to the Eye of Truth™!!! Ascend! Ascend!

Hey there amigo! Still survivin’? I hope so.

So as I was doing my usual Saturday morning scanning of my drawing book pages, and getting ready for this update, it dawned on me that the Saturday update was due to the fact it was the only time of the week I had a chance to catch up on creative work.

These last few weeks I could’ve been doing updates on any given day.

But I kinda’ like the ‘routine’ of the Saturday mornin’. And I am gonna stick to it fer’ now.

Usual pages above – there seems to be a fantasy theme on the first two. Not really intentional! Not something I do much to be honest, but I have always had a hankerin’ to do a proper Fantasy story – in an attempt to recreate the sense of wonder I used to get out of reading such works in libraries as a boy.

Also wanted to post an old image this week – but just realised I don’t have permission right now, hopefully next week.

In the meantime here’s yer’ old pal Coffee Bun! This was a design for a takeaway coffee cup.

coffee bun

Keep safe folks! Catch ya’ next week.




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