Weekly update: Aaaargh! The Jaggies!

Hey there amigos!

How goes it? Good I hope.

I am later than normal this Saturday – but rest assured I have been a busy boy.

Been working flat out to meet a couple of deadlines. Been really enjoying all this drawing!!!

Unfortunately I can’t post any of that stuff just yet.

Above are the usual drawing book pages – I was having a chuckle when I was scanning Jaggies and memories flooded back of the hangover I had when I was drawing it. Hence the “jaggies”!

And “some assistanc” was me running out of space with the lettering stencils! Fud!

Below is a picture of my current workspace. Using a spare room in the house (lucky to have one currently) as due to the lockdown I can’t make use of my studio in Glasgow city centre. Can’t wait to get back!

I have my trusty clipboard for drawing on – I got it all the way from Japan. It is brilliant! Can’t believe something so simple can make such a difference!

Take it easy folks!


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