Weekly update: Hell’s Pizza! Every Tuesday!


Hope yer’ well!

Straight to descriptions on the these sample drawing book pages!

The ‘hell’s belle’ was a completely random drawing – I kinda’ saw it in my head as I started putting pen to paper. I would normally just go with my usual one colour and a shadow, but this was screaming out for the burning effects, like those old mondo images! I reckon she looks just swell!

The ‘pizza’ was random, but a betting man would guess I’d had pizza the night before!

‘every tuesday’ is the ‘Maddy’ from my The Devil at Pasta & Dry Goods story. I had been messing with his look for ages, but when it was time to commit him to paper I had to go with something! He actually turned out much more memorable than what I started out with. From memory I think I had doodled the basic look on my phone before drawing him in my book.

Below are sample panels from a new story I started work on last week, can’t really post too much on this at this point!

See you next week!





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