Bappy Hapday

It’s only my bloomin’ birthday!
I luvs boithdays I does!
To commemorate the day (apart from the obvious national holiday) above is a wee animated GIF of our old friend Coffee Bun in full party mode.

And I meant to post this next picture a few weeks back. It’s a picture I did for an exhibition I was in at the People’s Palace in Glasgow many years ago. This picture was bought by/for the splendid James Stewart for his 30th birthday. And hangs on his studio wall. The picture (triptych)  is based on the song Burning Big Louis Tonight as performed by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. I got such a buzz out of the fact James treasures my drawing. Cheers James!


And breaking tradition (coz it’s my birthday, did I mention that already?) here are the usual weekly samples from the drawing book…

…as ever these are daily random drawings.

First (“boss“) was pure spontaneous drawing, no real clue where it was going as pen hit paper!

Second (“under cover“) was a mental dream with this crazy lady riding about on an elephant hidden under a white sheet – and she got mad when anyone enquired as to why she was hiding an elephant, screaming that it wasn’t an elephant and to mind your own bloody business!

Last is Jack! Whose surname I forgot, but I better find it quick as he is due to make an appearance in a strip I am working on!

Right, I am off to play Splatoon – pretty sure Nintendo organised the first Splatfest in months to coincide with my birthday! Wee diamonds so they are!

Catch you next week!


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