Weekly update: “There is only one way to save a dying star.”

Hey there!

How ya’ doin’?

Good I hope!

Above is a panel from a strip I randomly drew in a sketchbook and I am now compelled to carry the story on. I have had some really dodgy suggestions from my mates as to plot outlines but I fear those will put me in jail. So I will persevere on my own!

Below are the daily drawing book samples for this week. These are pretty much all random drawings. The jungle fever one was definitely a dream about a woman riding around on a huge lizard – which talked obviously!

Most of this week was spent on new comic strips which I am looking to start posting regularly – but I am still weighing the best platform. Thinking Instagram initially, but I will need to make a decision by next week.

Will post some of them here too.

That’s me for this week. Short and sweet!

Take care!


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