Between the devil and the deep blue Nulsh.

Cheer up dude!

Hey there folks!

Hope all is well.

Been another mad week. Been drawing so much! It’s gonna kill me if I lose all this drawing time. I am filling books full of random stuff, but also refining existing ideas in the process.

I have also started to compile all the rest of my outstanding strip cartoons and start getting them completed, with a view to self publish them or put them online. Possibly here.

Also, this week, I was working on character sketches for a sitcom – which I can’t publish currently. Really enjoyed doing those. They were a quick turn around, but it’s a good challenge to balance quality and speed.

And here’s the sample pages from the drawing book…

As ever these are random drawings – each one just being what my hand started drawing. I have noticed over the last few weeks a hell theme, flames and devils and the like.

Not entirely sure what that is telling me!

Heh heh! More to come!

Take it easy!


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