Mary Lou and the digital enhancements.

Well hello there cheeky chops! How are ya’?

Let’s get cracking. Image above is a panel from a strip I just posted on Instagram. Find me here. I have been messing about with spontaneous random strips. Finding my feet as regards publishing online. This effort was OK, but I am finding the smaller panels restrictive. I like loads of blank space to contrast with lines.

I have started another strip which I am about ten pages into and I am much happier with the panel sizes. Will look to post some of that next week (if I don’t start sticking it on Instathingy first).

Here’s yer’ random drawing book pages for the week…

…as usual these are random drawings drawn straight with pen and usually 100% spontaneous. The middle one “kool aid” sprung from a doodle I did on my mobile phone. The “Estelle” picture appears to be inspired by a strip I recently submitted to a publisher. Oddly it looks like the strip and the character is named Estelle, yet neither of the two people in the drawing are the real Estelle.

My usual practice with colouring these pages is that I stick to one colour only. On top of the colour layer I add a black layer and reduce the opacity of the layer to create a “shadow”. Using only one colour plus white (and the black) can force some really interesting colouring choices. I use Gimp to colour these pages. An excellent package in my humble opinion.

And below is a quick sketch I did to commemorate the wonderful Gary Lucas‘ birthday. This sketch was drawn and coloured using Clip Studio Paint which is a great drawing package. I still have reservations regarding digital drawing, but I really enjoy using this software. The sketch took maybe 20 minutes, and the additional painting and colouring options make this stuff really enjoyable.

See ya’ next week!


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