X marks the sporadic ink!


Hello to ya’! Hope all is well.

This week, like most weeks recently, I have been hard at it on the drawing board. Well it’s more of an old dining table my lovely partner has fashioned into a makeshift studio for me. Been a total blessing!

I luvs drawing I does!

But to business, this week’s trio of Nulsh ditties from the daily drawing book

Star of the Sea, although a spontaneous drawing, is based on a strip of the same name I recently put together and has a potential publisher. On occasion I do my random drawing with a character in mind (recently I draw Coffee Bun a lot!) – this is Estelle and her foster Dad. Both totally fleshed out prior to this sporadic drawing.

Bastard Birds is gonna make a very small group of people smile. Was a totally spontaneous drawing, but the bird made me add the text footer. It’s a phrase my missus shouts when the birds are noisy in the morning. Makes my kids (and me!) chuckle.

Faintest Ink again is mostly random – but the phrase “the faintest ink is better than the best memory” is a favourite of mine. It’s paraphrasing an old saying which basically means write it down so you don’t forget it! I have suffered that fate more times than I care to mention!

As well as drawing loads I have been making time to learn some new animation software. It is really enjoyable, but I am having to ration the time as animation is really time consuming. Been going well. Any worthwhile results will appear here!

To finish off here are a couple of character sketches I did during the week. I like the Skipper but he’ll need to be modified before I can run with him!

See you next week!


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